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Ryan Michalski

Ryan Michalski is a singer, songwriter and guitarist who comes from a small town in New Jersey called Ringwood where he lived for 25 years. He started playing guitar at the age of 14. Ryan always worked on his playing technique and writing skills. He grew up in the 80’s hair-metal generation developing a taste for indie-pop and alternative music. He moved to Tampa, Florida in 1996 and went to art school. He also dabbled in public access television and other projects. For the last 20 years he’s been writing, recording and releasing CD’s under alias’ such as Ryan Cosmonaught, Dead Dark Slide and Space King & Cosmic Punch.

His music is a fusion of  Alternative indie rock and everything else in between. However, the style of music is all his own, creating an authentic, delightful out-of-the-box sound I haven’t heard in years.

Ryan Michalski released his newest single “Ninth Moon”, which is an upbeat indie-rock alternative song. The song is about daydreaming, but instead of being on ‘cloud 9’ you are really in your own world. The storyline is easy on this one; it’s about daydreaming being a happy place. It has a great pop rock 80’s rhythm with plenty of nostalgic appeal to it. It brings you back to those glory days. It just makes you smile from one ear to the other. This single is a fine representation as to the talents of Ryan Michalski.

Ryan has collaborated with many musicians from all genres and with vast musical backgrounds. Working with talent like that allows Ryan to hone in on a unique sound that is instantly identifiable by audiences worldwide. It has also created a well rounded and versed musician.

Under the alias Ryan Cosmonaught project “The Ryan Cosmonaught Project” was nominated for a German Grammy (the song was titled “Rock Star”) in 2005. He has also been signed to RPM Records & Sonics wave international & TMG Records  & A & R Select

This is one artist that audiences would benefit to experience live. I hear he puts on a hell of a show!

Ryan Michalski’s music is available at most digital storefronts along with the following (Search: Ryan Michalski)

Ryan Michalski is currently working with , Clint listing  for licensing, publishing, a record deal and/or placement opportunities. For additional information, please contact Clint listing at: (623) 565-8551

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