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Idiot Robot

Label: Dead Games Records
Three similar bands: Space King/Cosmic Punch/As All Die
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

1. The Anthem
2. Everytime
3. You tell me
4. 123 Blast Off
5. Black days again
6. Grey Pop Story
7. The Story
8. The Runaway
9. Watching the Sky
10. The Way

Ryan Michalski - Voice, Guitar, Synths, Drums
Clint Listing - Harsh Voice, Voice, Bass, Guitars


Olaf Senkbeil - vocals


Released 2020-09-04
Reviewed 2020-08-29

dead games records

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Idiot Robot, that is also something to look out for. I thought robots were supposed to be helpful and not idiots, the main impression of this album is why is the robot an idiot robot? It doesn’t look like a Cylon, but it looks a bit weird. The duo consisting of Ryan and Clint tells ten robot stories and it is said that they do what they find interesting, I am not sure that is always a good thing – the title kind of indicates that they have poor sense of humour or just lacks fantasy. They are American and I have to say that usually Americans have really poor sense of humour, or maybe it is just that they have bad comedians.

Death pop was a label put on Idiot Robot in the press material, sounds like fun. It means that they take pop elements, roughen them up and then sing in the growly style. I have to say though, that it is quite weird that the songs aren’t catchier, pop is usually very catchy, and this isn’t. I think that it is the ramblings of an idiot robot with damaged vocal synthesiser, and that the sound isn’t very impressive. The sound doesn’t really have any sensible direction, making this album fall between the boxes and possibly into one of the cracks in the old wooden floor down to the never used basement to be eaten by rats on the back of cats. A plus for sensible playing time.

Don’t know about this one, it doesn’t seem targeted at anyone, not catchy and easy enough for the poppier crowds. But neither is it powerful and brutal enough for the darker black metal or death metal crowds, it is something in between. Kind of everything, or nothing depending on how you look at it. It is like a rally driver avoiding hitting a tree and then a ditch but ends up falling of a cliff. It isn’t really a fun album to listen to, it kind of sounds as interesting and colourful as the cover.

I keep wondering why anyone would design an idiot robot, but also wonder about the reason for calling your band Idiot Robot, but perhaps it is memorable. It isn’t a great name for a band, and it isn’t a funny name either. Still, it isn’t about the name, but the problem is that the exact same thing can be said about the music. Brilliant isn’t a word I would use, and it is difficult to recommend this one, who is it for? A plus for them doing their thing but you don’t get plus points for doing your own thing if you don’t do them on good albums.






Album Review: Idiot Robot - Idiot Robot (2020)

Picture Credit: Idiot Robot

Idiot Robot - Idiot Robot
Release Date: September 04, 2020
Label: Dead Games Records
Format: CD / Digital
Length: 34:05
Genre: Death Pop
Origin: Tampa (Florida), USA

What exactly is Death Pop, one might ask. Well, American duo Idiot Robot are here to show us. Ryan Michalski and Clint Listing present an uncommon mix of styles on their self-titled debut CD. The foundation is built by light-footed Indie and Surf Rock à la Minutemen. Despite the sunny atmosphere of this base, Idiot Robot add the scratchy and harsh 80s East Coast Hardcore. So far you can imagine the Bad Brains getting super high and playing a late night gig at a surfers resort.

But there is more. A gorgeous feature of this nihilistic release is the interaction between Ryan's clean Synth Pop-style vocals and the rustling growls and grunts by Clint. This is pure insanity! Idiot Robot do what they want and that is what makes their music so exciting. Their Death Pop fools our musical perceptions over and over again. Indie Pop slides into Hardcore and surfs on to Death via Synthwave and beyond. This whole album is a huge beach party for the happily weird.

From now on, I'm a Death Pop fan thanks to Idiot Robot.

Idiot Robot Online:
YouTube (Ryan Michalski)

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Idiot Robot - Idiot Robot - Reviewed By Metal Digest!Friday May 7 2021, 10:19 AM
Idiot Robot - Idiot Robot - Reviewed By Metal Digest!
Idiot Robot - Idiot Robot - Reviewed By Metal Digest!

Idiot Robot - Idiot Robot - Reviewed By Metal Digest ! Check it out here at this link:

Remember the heady days of College Radio? It was heartfelt, warm and full of jangly guitars and observational lyrics that mused about society and inner feelings but was also not afraid to get its hands dirty by riding on the coattails of hardcore punk. That may have been 35 years ago, but Idiot Robot are keeping that flame alive with their eponymous album.

                Where to begin here? Immediately, there is a lot to take in and Idiot Robot do not miss a beat. This is a record that has a beautiful lo-fi appeal, it sounds as if it was recorded onto a cassette from a radio back in 1985 and it brings back a lot of fond memories. Yes, this is an album big on melody and jangly guitars that have all the hallmarks of early R.E.M. or even The Smiths, but there is also a punk kick here, quick fire loud/quiet dynamics that would appeal to fans of Pixies, Nirvana and Husker Du. However, where this album touches upon unique is the addition of backing growls into the mix. Now, this may be lunacy (or even heresy) to some or it may be a stroke of genius and this sound may split fans of aforementioned genres, but you know what? It works exceptionally well and it creates an unusual album that implores a replayability with tracks such as ‘Grey Pop Story’, ‘Everytime’ and ‘The Story’. However, ‘Idiot Robot’ does end on a sour note with ‘Love CI’ a track that seems to dabble in black metal and would be better if it was treated like a malignant tumour, cut out, removed and thrown away.

                What Idiot Robot have delivered here is an exceptionally good album, it might not be to everyone’s taste, but there’s something that is very fun and enjoyable about it and when it comes to it, you can’t ask for more than that can you? - 80% - Metal Digest

 Death Pop what is that? What if you Mixed- Husker Du, Pixies, Rem, Bob Segar and Foo Fighters with NYC Hardcore and  90’s Death metal Vocals. DEATH POP!!!! Now you get it. This Duo from Bay Area of Florida and Phoenix AZ have created music in such Projects at Space King, Cosmic Punch (TMG/ Knife Fight), As All Die (Crowd Control Activities/ Fracture Spaces), Long Winters Stare ( Dark Symphonies) Black Depths Grey Waves ( Aesthetic Death) and Until the Sky Dies ( Cimmerian Shade).

Idiot Robot  are coming at you with an 11 song Album released on Dead Games Records. Weirdo , Outsider, Catchy and Avant. Yes to all the above. Idiot Robot has no game plan just to create music they find interesting. It’s now your turn to explore and see what treasures await your aural pathway..


Idiot Robot- Idiot Robot
1. The Anthem 2. Everytime 3. You tell me 4. 123 Blast Off 5. Black days again 6. Grey Pop Story 7. The Story 8. The Runaway 9. Watching the Sky 10.The Way
11.Love CL Running time -37:04


Clint Listing- Harsh Voice, Voice, Bass, Guitars

Ryan Michalski- Voice, Guitars, Synth, Drums

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UNTIL THE SKY DIES To provide one last (and very big) twist along the musical path of this particular round-up, I picked a song by Until the Sky Dies from their debut full-length The Year Zero Blueprint. This band is a duo consisting of Clint Listing (Grizzle, Long Winters Stare, As All Die, Broken Hands For Brilliant Minds, Black Depths Grey Waves), who handles vocals, guitars, bass, and effects, and Ryan Michalski (Cosmic Punch), who performed all the lead guitar parts as well as drums. Because I’m unfamiliar with the other projects of these two men, I didn’t know what to expect here. The eight songs on the album are titled with Roman numerals. “I” is on Bandcamp; “VII” is currently streaming at Svbterranean (here). I’ve never learned any form of ballroom dancing, but if there’s a school in Hell that teaches how to waltz, I can imagine that “I” would be the music they use for instructional purposes. I found myself wanting to swing and sway as I heard it, though the deep, craggy horror of the main vocals and the gritty distortion in the music made me think I probably shouldn’t listen to the song in a pitch-black room where I couldn’t see what might be coming up behind me. There’s something kind of unsettling about the second voice heard on the song, too (which reminded me a bit of Neil Young). “VII” isn’t as lively at first. It has a more doomed and apocalyptic atmosphere in its opening segment, with that craggy voice elevating in range, but no less capable of scarring the mind. And then the song starts to rock, but it still sounds like something unearthed from a deviant record collection in Hell. I have no idea what to call this highly idiosyncratic and unpredictable music, nor have I heard anything quite like it. But I quite like it. The Year Zero Blueprint will be released by Cimmerian Shade Recordings on November 3. Bandcamp:

UNTIL THE SKY DIES: Avant-Metal Duo To Issue Dystopian-Themed The Year Zero Blueprint Via Cimmerian Shade Recordings; Track + Preorders Posted

Cimmerian Shade Recordings is proud to announce the forthcoming full-length debut from avant-metal duo UNTIL THE SKY DIES. The lead track to the album has been issued early alongside preorders.

UNTIL THE SKY DIES is the latest project of prolific musician Clint Listing (Grizzle, Long Winters Stare, As All Die, Broken Hands For Brilliant Minds, Black Depths Grey Waves), who here supplies vocals, guitars, bass, and effects, and is joined by Ryan Michalski (Cosmic Punch) who provides all lead guitar and drums. While employing a familiar mixture of ingredients from Listing’s other projects, UNTIL THE SKY DIES stands alone when considering the forward-thinking way avant-garde metal, doom metal, post hardcore, along with industrial and electronic elements are combined to form a truly unique sound.

The debut from UNTIL THE SKY DIES, The Year Zero Blueprint consists of expansive and diverse songs named only by sequential Roman Numerals. The tracks brim with bold audio exploration, with many elements of a wide range of genres converging seamlessly into a dystopian concept. Listing states, “In a distant galaxy’s past, The Gods create life without freewill, until one is born with this blueprint imprinted and the great change begins. Hive mind versus independence.”

The Year Zero Blueprint was recorded and engineered by Ryan Michalski at RPM Studios in Tampa Florida, and mastered by J. Stillings (Steel Hook Prostheses, Metaconqueror, Pharoid, Vermin) at Steel Hook Audio Mastering. The record will be issued on CD, LP (limited to 300 hand-numbered copies), and digital platforms on November 3rd.

Stream the lead track from UNTIL THE SKY DIES’ The Year Zero Blueprint and find preorders for all formats at THIS LOCATION.

Also find physical preorders at Cimmerian Shade Recordings’ webstore, the CD HERE and LP HERE.

Stand by for additional audio samples from The Year Zero Blueprint and more in the days ahead.

The Year Zero Blueprint Track Listing:
1. I
2. II
3. III
4. IV
5. V
6. VI
7. VII




Cosmic Stereo: FM Stereo

Cosmic Stereo

FM Stereo

Music Group

Cosmic Punch, a DIY pop rock duo from Florida, market their sound as “a mix of the ‘60s, ’70s and ‘80s with a dash of modern production,” and emphatically list a number of influences, such as The Beatles, Queen, ELO, and Boston. Their debut, FM Stereo, is an attempt to bring back the sounds of the old days with a playful and easygoing twist.

“One-Man Pop Band” opens the album with a sound that aside from an all-too obvious circus interlude in the style of Sgt. Pepper, shows promise for the album as an infectious alternative rock song with a quirky vibe.      Already with the next few tracks “She Makes Me Feel” and “She’s A Girl,” two pseudo-‘60s pop ballads, things take a sharp turn as the band relies on more of its influences. The crunchy “How Do I” delivers a power pop vibe but with a style modeled after Boston, something that presents itself again on a few more tracks.

Elements ranging across the band’s pool of influences mix intermittently, culminating on the mid-album track “Long Slow Road,” a whirling mix where everything from The Kinks and Boston to ELO and The Beatles can all be heard, although as with the rest of the album, nothing transcends the almost bubblegum feel the songs are rooted in.

It is altogether not a bad effort that Cosmic Punch have attempted. The quirky and feel-good power pop vibe combined with classic rock elements is promising, but the songs simply aren’t strong enough to make the experiment work. Instead, they make the album sound overcrowded, and the “musical casserole” the band refers to ends up sounding a bit too cheesy.

In A Word: Cheesy

—by , September 30, 2014

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Review Fix Exclusive: Ryan “Cosmonaught” Michalski & Juan “Punchy” Gonzalez Talk F.M. Stereo

Review Fix chats with Cosmic Punch’s Ryan “Cosmonaught” Michalski and Juan “Punchy” Gonzalez, who discuss their newalbum F.M. Stereo. A part of successful groups Space King, Dead Dark Slide and Diet Worms, the duo brings together a classic rocksound that will remind listeners of everyone from the Beach Boys to The Beatles.

Review Fix: There’s such a huge amount of audio flavors on the album that it’s almost impossible to classify the band in a genre. If you had to, what would it be and why?

Juan “Punchy” Gonzalez: We are a radio rock band. Designed for lovers of music and played by lovers of music.

Ryan “Cosmonaught” Michalski: Beatles meets Foo Fighters that would be the best way to describe the music

Review Fix: Who’s an artist on your iPod that you love, but scared to admit it to the world? Why?

Gonzalez: I refuse to own any electronic device that requires proprietary software to operate. I also refuse to be scared of my musical tastes. That is why there is chocolate and vanilla ice cream. But the music I listen to is a large cross section. Everything gets listened to, but not everything is enjoyed…ike the rapper break in the Katy Perry’s “Darkhorse” song. I skip to the next track as soon as that idiot starts ruining the song.

Michalski: Culture club the first album I ever bought in the 80s and love it, with their fun pop sound of the 80s- makes it wonderful.

Review Fix: What’s on your musical bucket list?

Gonzalez: Jamming or at least speaking to Paul McCartney, Brian May, or Tom Scholz

Michalski: To win a MTV music award and to also record a live unplugged album.

Review Fix: Where does your sound come from? What inspires it?

Gonzalez: My grandfather’s plastic-mono-AM-tube clock radio. It was all the inspiration I needed.

Michalski: My sound comes from a little 15 year old boy inside who is starving for attention; not really sure where the sound comes from but when it comes out it comes out in waves

Review Fix: What’s the band’s creative process like?

Gonzalez: Lyrics usually come first, then they inspire the direction of the song. We have Cubase, a mixer, and an old Gateway we write on. Thank the maker for VST instruments.

Michalski: We can’t give that secret out; that’s a very tough question and we really don’t have a formula or how we do it we kind of right outside and sit down and working it out.

Review Fix: Any song on the album have cool stories behind them? Can you tell us one?

Gonzalez: Every song is written about an actual person. Going into these stories may violate my “Love Parole.”

Michalski: “She’s a Girl.” The story behind the song is about Courtney Love; she inspired that song. I was listening to Hole and here comes out “She’s a Girl.”

Review Fix: What are the band’s goals for the rest of the year?

Gonzalez: More recording and performing live with new members to be added.

Michalski: Start working on new songs and doing shows. We will be at Fanboy in Tampa, FL in September signing autographs.

Review Fix: How do you want this album to be remembered?

Gonzalez: As the launch pad for WORLD DOMINATION and the fundamental change of the Universe as we know it. That may be a lofty dream, but I will settle for a better budget on the next one.

Michalski: I a really cool rocking way; to have people think of this album as something amazing. 


cd cosmic-punch_copyWith a sound rich in harmonies and melody, the album plays like a testament to the 1970s and early 1980s.


Today’s music scene has been heavily influenced by the sounds of the ’70s. The same holds true for the new release by Cosmic Punch, FM Stereo. With a sound rich in harmonies and melodythe album plays like a testament to the 1970s and early 1980s. With influences heavily based in the decade of Jimmy Carter and Studio 54, artists like ELO, Queen, Styx, and Sweet bleed through the album. Combined with Beatles-esque harmonies and structure, Cosmic Punch blends into this mix the droning synths of early alternative music of the ’80s, providing just enough of this challenging mix to break what would otherwise result in monotony.

The songs on FM Stereo ebb and flow in and out of each other. The album opener, “One Man Pop Band,” is an ego-driven tune declaring one’s independence and self-worth; the alternative/punkish feel of “How Do I” includes a brooding synth and a driving rhythm, making you snap your fingers. The band gets nostalgic on the Fab Four–ish “You’re Great,” with a melody-driven, almost singable guitar solo, as well as on the harmony-laden single, “The Long Slow Road,” an almost silly tune about unrequited love.

This album would be at home in many different musical collections. With the crossing of genres that occur, Cosmic Punch will appeal to most rock listeners. While there is still room for more originality here, Cosmic Punch takes strides toward having its own style . Hopefully, the band will continue to grow into its own, and find who they truly want to be. C+ | Marc Farr 



Τραγούδια από το νέο άλμπουμ των COSMIC PUNCH"FM STEREO" μπορείς να ακούσεις παρακάτω.
Οι COSMIC PUNCH είναι ένα Alterno-Electro-Powerpop συγκρότημα που μπλέκει ήχους από THE BEATLES, QUEEN και THE BEACH BOYS δημιουργώντας ένα πολύ αξιόλογο αποτέλεσμα. 

Η μπάντα δημιουργήθηκε το 2005 αποτελούμενο από δύο μέλη, τους Ryan "Cosmonaught" Michalski, γνωστός στο χώρο από την συμμετοχή του σε SPACE KING και DEAD DARK SLIDE και τον Juan "Punchy" Gonzalez, των DIET OF WORMS.

Πρόσφατα υπέγραψαν με την Tate Music Group και κυκλοφόρησαν το "FM STEREO" πρόσφατα. Αλλά ξέρεις κάτι; Καλύτερα να σε αφήσω παρέα με τη μουσική τους. 




APRIL 24 2014

 The press release caught my attention, which isn’t always an easy thing to do at first scan, but just seeing the list of influences starting with ‘The Beatles’ and ‘Queen’ and then ‘The Beach Boys’; ‘Boston’  and ‘ELO’ allowed this to jump the queue…


All I can say is great press-release because the album itself sounds just like cheesy alternative pop rock. I mean it’s good cheese and good pop, and I definitely get the lighter of those influences but you could equally level the accusation that it was more like a light pop take on ‘Sugar’ or ‘Soul Asylum’ with a few shovels of added sugar. It’s the harder sounds of ‘How Do I’ that start to make sense of some of those rockier influences, but the song is still, despite the backdrop of riffs and a nice solo, a kind of bubble-gum-pop-punk anthem. It’s satisfying in one way but far too saccharine sweet still.


Having said that you can’t help but love the immediacy of ‘One Man Pop Band’ that opens; even if the ‘circus sounds’ interlude is a bit obvious. The twang of ‘She Makes Me Feel’ is a more traditional sweet pop song underwired with some nice keys and strings, but it’s not enough to make you want to OD on the album just yet.


‘She’s a Girl’ (an odd title there) is another slice of pop this time with faux-sixties sheen. ‘You’re Great’ makes sense in that you can feel a little of ELO and The Beatles under the surface, but more in style than in substance. ‘Ninth Moon’ is the song that tips the balance for me and the most complete slice of the cake here with its alt-pop sixties-soaked sound dripping with just the right balance of ingredients and accents.


Elsewhere the album is good to great  and while there may not be anything truly memorable for a rock fan, or someone fixing on the ‘Queen’ or ‘Boston’ in the list of influences you can appreciate the art. Best of the rest are ‘Join the Party’ which like ‘Ninth Moon’ has some real teeth and ‘The Long Slow Road’ which is quirkier and almost ‘Small Faces-like’ in intent, both may be sandwiched mid-album, but there’s enough layers here to please those prepared to dig in. Juan and Ryan have done a great job that should solve the problem for those with a sweet tooth.


Check videos for “The Long Slow Road” and “Walk Away”

Check videos for “The Long Slow Road” and “Walk Away”


Cosmic Punch

FM Stereo/Tate Music Group

What happens when you combine classic pop, classic rock, and modern alternative flourishes? You get Cosmic Punch’s new album FM Stereo, and you enjoy it. The band gloriously show its hand for all to see within the first few rocking songs, while giving the bird to anyone who doesn’t like it. “One Man Pop Band” has the sensibility of The Beatles, paired up with some guitar solos that pay tribute to Queen’s Brian May—making for an interesting combination. The thick drumming and Juan “Punchy” Gonzalez’s vocals on “She Makes Me Feel” take you on a jaunty retro ride, and “How Do I” is pure punk pushed through a present day heavy metal filter. Then, to top it all off, CP goes soft rock with the delightful “She’s a Girl,” just to prove it can go in many different directions.                 Cosmic Punch  REVIEW!!


As I am going through my usual mix of interesting sounds, I happen to stumble across this band that picked the perfect name for themselves... Cosmic Punch--and these guys have just that! Listening to the album, I see quite an eclectic sound and mix that is substantial, lyrical and full of musical direction. Cosmic Punch has the capability of being soft, moody and at the same time, having a crunchy, primitive, metal-like sound. These guys have quite an array of inspiration from even The Beach Boys, E.L.O., The Monkees, and Queen. Each song has its own direction and entity and these guys have a great musical sense. Their album, F.M. Stereo is quite the versatile listen even for me!

The song, "How Do I" for example, has a twist of Frank Zappa meets the Ramones, which to me, has a great vibe and energy to it. This song is wild, crazy and so much fun to listen to, and its chromatic key changes add an unexpected change of direction to it. Great song!

Juan "Punchy" Gonzalez is more known for producing Death-Metal records, (Morbid Angel, Diabolic Lover Of Sin) along with Ryan Cosmonaught, (Space King, Dead Dark Side) came together and created a project that totally blew my mind with a refreshing mix of fun songs and substantial sound. "She's A Girl" is one that exemplifies this.

This unique mix exudes a nostalgia of the best sounds of the previous decades in Rock n' Roll with a modern-day twist in the recording revolution. These guys create a sound that hits you in the gut with an old-school rock n' roll sound that is quite difficult to find today, as they maintain this vintage, classic sound in "You're Great"...

"Ninth Moon" is so there with nostalgic twists with a clear, cut modern sound. Great track!

All in all, the entire album has some great songs, refreshing nostalgia and an awesome method of mixing to put this sound together. If I could compare this to a food recipe, it has a true, rich consistency of a casserole with extra helpings. One example of this description is "Join The Party"--- It's got a colorful sound with a touch of spicy sarcasm just enough to give a taste of what a tart tongue should feel like... (sparks fly, guys!) With an underlying Foghat feel of "The Long, Slow Road" this duo really delivers a musical style worth listening to and loving their funny, catchy lyrics. These two make their influences proud and much, much more. With modern technology and a nostalgic sound, these guys give music a refreshing change of pace and find a way to embrace the past and bring it to the rest of us in a fabulous origami twist that keeps us (including yours truly) yearning for more.





Cosmic Punch - F.M. Stereo (2014)
The two songwriters Juan Gonzalez and Ryan Michalski got together to make an album that will salute the classic rock sound of the 60´s and 70´s where bands like The Beatles, E.L.O, Queen, Boston and The Beach Boys are top of the list.
Juan is best known for producing death metal records and Ryan is known for his musical projects, together they are Cosmic Punch with the suitable album title "F.M. Stereo".
I give them credit for trying to re-create the vocal oriented sound of the 70´s but the songs just doesn´t hold, there are some good moments like "How do I" and the Weezer-like "International nerd holiday".
If you think a 2nd division The Cars sounds like your cup of tea, then you should absolutely listen to Cosmic Punch. The album´s ok I guess.
2,5 out of 5


Alternative psychedelic rockers Cosmic Punch will release “Clay Pit Road“, their debut CD for Sunset Records on April 16.

On “Clay Pit Road”, you can hear thick, colorful bass lines that synchronize with a heavy yet melodic guitar sound with some great harmonies creating a loud sound. Produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Juan “Punchy” Gonzalez in the Mango, Florida area, the rest of CD was recorded at the world famous Abbey Road Studios in London, England. Featuring Ryan Michalski on vocals, coupled with Juan Gonzalez, they make up Cosmic Punch, quintessential psychedelia rock music for the modern era. The full length nine song CD entitled “Clay Pit Road”, is now being set for an April 16, 2013, release date with Sunset Records.

“Clay Pit Road” album cover Cosmic Punch‘s enticing fusion of genres has been called “neo-psychedelia” and the band’s abstract reach with some heavy rock influences and an natural grooves to drift towards modern day psychedelia with its accessible lyrics on every song, it is a mind-expanding sound throughout the entire CD. The duo grew up listening classic rock, surf rock, grunge rock, alternative rock and anything with psychedelic melodies. The CD has something for all music fans with its hints of grunge, much like Tripping Daisy’s sound back in that early 90s era. And then add to it some heavy guitars, incredible harmonies, with a surf rock vibe and you get what is a big sounding psych band with some unique touches in every song, that should keep the band around for many albums and for a long music career.

Overall, Cosmic Punch’s debut album is a colorful collaboration by musicians Ryan Michalski and Juan “Punch” Gonzalez. The full length CD recording of their brand new album will be in stores on April, 16th, and the first music video is “Walk Away” which can be viewed online at the web site now, and the music video is being shown on the on the label’s (Sunset Records) web pages before it can be seen at all major outlets that show music videos (MTV, Music Choice, FUSE, more).

And the entire “Clay Pit Road” track listing is as follows:
1.) One Man Pop Band
2). How Do I
3). You’re Great
4.) Join the Party
5.) The Long Slow Road
6.) The First Time
7.) International Nerd Holiday
8.) Walk Away
9.) Bring You Down

The label, Sunset Records, has also already begun working the first few singles to radio stations (DJ Fresh / Brooklyn DJ Factory and DJ Anthony Gelo at SideTracks & Bar None, and more) all over the world for play, and to various news outlets (Ringmaster, Sunset Daily, Nike Talk Magazine, and more). Plus, the label is pushing this release (In Stores on April 16th) to major radio outlets all over the world (Modena Radio City at Radio Mela, Maurizio Santi in Gonnosfanadiga, Italy, DJMGee at Alando Palais in Wallenhorst, Germany, and more).  


Artist: Ryan Michalski
CD: I am Starting Over
Genre: Alt-Rock


Ryan Michalski is a singer, songwriter and guitarist who comes from a small town in New Jersey called Ringwood where he lived for 25 years. He started playing guitar at the age. Under the alias Ryan Cosmonaught project “The Ryan Cosmonaught Project” was nominated for a German Grammy (the song was titled “Rock Star”) in 2005. He has also been signed to This is one artist that audiences would benefit to experience live. I hear he puts on a hell of a show! Ryan Michalski’s music is available at most digital storefronts along with the following website linked above. From Colorado comes alt-pop-rocker His latest release is entitled I Am Starting Over and right from the start it might be easy to just categorize Michalski as a straight ahead rocker and write him off as the newest trending “flash in the pan” thing up around New Jersey. It wouldn’t be wise, though because this is clearly an established artist who not only has paid his dues, he’s amazing in every sense of the word. Sure, if you listen to some of his more catchier moments within this 10 song CD: (You are Hard to Touch), (Movie), (Rock Star) that’s the impression you would likely get. However there is a method to his madness. There are some really well crafted, good songs on I am Starting Over (Hearts and Diamonds) and (Crazy Things You Do) that step outside the modern rock music boundaries. Michalski can play the guitar and sing like nobody’s business. He’s also not afraid to color outside the lines musically. Of course much of this goes against the grain of traditional pop-rock and as a result really opens up the CD. This enhances the listening experience rather than limit it for me. So there’s really not a lot about Michalski that is trendy or flashy is there. Zeroing in on Michalski he’s obviously experienced at performing, producing and writing music, but its how the music is delivered (speaker to ear) that makes I am Starting Over stand out from other artists and bands. I mean we take a lot for granted between the lines and notes and although some would claim there’s nothing here that hasn’t been said or done before – if you listen to the songs carefully the devil is in the details. Perhaps that is why Michalski is on our Radar screens in the first place. Bottom line is he makes it all look too easy. Forgive me if I’m talking in circles – but some bands and artists can deliver music that’s pretty straight forward, conservative and painfully simple. Yet brilliant in scope. Furthermore in lieu of the amazing new CD Michalski delivers on I am Starting Over it almost feels as if he’s really on to something. I am Starting Over is a one of a kind CD from a one of a kind artist that’s closely tied to classic rock-punk-grunge, but has a more modern alt-rock sound. I hate to pigeonhole but if Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins had a baby this would be it.

My favorite track: You re Hard to Touch.

Ryan Michalski will please a wide range of musical personalities in the process of his exposure. Sure it’s possible that future releases will demonstrate additional music and an increased musical molding or identity developing – with a more cutting edge modern sound like NIN. But when I am Starting Over runs its course one walks away feeling that Ryan Michalski is on to something special.


Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

Review by Joseph Crowder edited by Janne Zawa, Posted my Drew Blackwell (UK).

Review comments: 

RYAN MICHALSKI – I Am Starting Over (

New Jersey-born, but Florida-based singer/songwriter/guitarist Ryan Michalski expertly mines a very tasty and tuneful vein of snappy indie pop-rock on his second album. Ryan’s robust voice and thoughtful, yet straightforward songwriting make for a strong, stirring, and effective double whammy. Moreover, his guitar playing displays a firm hand with cutting’n’crunchy riffs that ring loud and clear. The basic sound combines elements of hard punchy rock, more soft melodic pop, and fiercely churning metal into quite a dynamic and enjoyable synthesis. Better still, Michalski eschews needless flashy razzle-dazzle in favor of just getting right to the heart of the matter in an engagingly direct and uncomplicated manner. The songs themselves alternate between all-out thrilling rockers (“Rock Star” in particular totally … well, to put it bluntly, rocks!) and more moving and reflective numbers, with “Don’t Cry” rating here as a truly touching stand-out track. A damn good album.  


Ryan Michalski is a singer, songwriter and guitarist who comes from a small town in New Jersey called Ringwood where he lived for 25 years. He started playing guitar at the age of 14. Ryan always worked on his playing technique and writing skills. He grew up in the 80’s hair-metal generation developing a taste for indie-pop and alternative music. He moved to Tampa, Florida in 1996 and went to art school. He also dabbled in public access television and other projects. For the last 20 years he’s been writing, recording and releasing CD’s under alias’ such as Ryan Cosmonaught, Dead Dark Slide and Space King. I get a lot of albums sent my way for review and I mean a lot. Most of them don’t do anything for me. They don’t always get placed in the CD player, but the ones that do usually get 3 a three song stay of execution and generally if they last past that they get a full write up. Sometimes I’m hooked from the first track, and that’s precisely what happened when I put this latest 14 track release from Ryan Michalski on. The album bursts to life with fantastic Ninth Moon. The album doesn’t back down from there and follows through with a wonderful sequence of songs, 14 of them in fact. It twists and turns the way great albums should with a little bit of rock, a little bit of Psychedelic Rock, and Funky Classic rock and rich Jam Band Goodness. I Especially like how the whole album just flows song to song. The song line-up is masterful. So many bands and record labels get this basic skill so wrong. They fail to listen to the songs at their disposal and seemingly throw the album together without giving it any real thought. I’ve known people who work to formulas making sure that their best songs start and finish the album with the remaining tracks squeezed between in a slapdash fashion. That’s not the case with “I am Starting Over.” That may be because each track could probably survive on its own merits. Ryan Michalski could be heralded as classic sounding pop-punk-rock but there is so much more to them. I hear The Replacements, Deep Purple, Rare Earth, Lenny Kravitz and Dave Mathews band on severe Steroids It would stand out on the poppier songs like the brilliant “She’s a Girl”, but there is a deeper and darker edge to songs like “Movie”, “You Told Me You Loved Me” and “Don’t Cry.” The interweaving harmonies and strong vocals are a delight, but the solid rhythmical foundation is essential to the artistic and commercial success of any artist. The sound is that of the golden age of popular music in the Seventies and Eighties, but the beauty of this record is the use of all mod-cons forcing Ryan Michalski relevance into the modern world. The band have achieved good support from radio and he appears to be a critical darling up north, but I am left bemused how they are not yet household names. It’s not a case of all the elements being present but the final product being missing as the songs, the musicianship, the production, and the performance all knit together beautifully. Maybe I’m lucky enough to be in on the ground floor? Maybe things are just about to kick on for these guys? Whatever it is make sure you get hold of this CD entitled “I am Starting Over’ by Ryan Michalski is in the class of instant classic so don’t miss out. 

Music review 7/31/13 

CD REVIEW: Ryan Michalski - I am Starting Over 
By Cyrus Rhodes - 07/31/2013 - 02:55 PM EDT

Artist: Ryan Michalski
Album: I am Starting Over
Label: Independent Artist 
Genre: Alternative
Sounds Like: Love and Rockets, Iggy Pop, Todd Rundgren, Tom Petty, The Psychedelic Furs, The Ramones, The Cars on
Technical Grade: 7/10
Production/Musicianship Grade: 6/10
Commercial Value: 8/10
Overall Talent Level: 8/10
Songwriting Skills: 9/10
Performance Skill: 9/10
Best Songs: Hearts and Diamonds. Movie
Weakness: Mix, Production Value, Synthetic Soundsing Drums
CD Review: Ryan Michalski is a singer, songwriter and guitarist who comes from a small town in New Jersey called Ringwood where he lived for 25 years. He started playing guitar at the age of 14. Ryan always worked on his playing technique and writing skills. He grew up in the 80’s hair-metal generation developing a taste for indie-pop and alternative music. He moved to Tampa, Florida in 1996 and went to art school. He also dabbled in public access television and other projects. For the last 20 years he’s been writing, recording and releasing CD’s under alias’ such as Ryan Cosmonaught, Dead Dark Slide and Space King.

The CD kicks off with "Ninth Moon” a rocked out kick-off statement delivering a heartfelt ditty that serves up steady rock beat reminiscent of vintage Todd Rundgren and The Cars on Steroids complete with rocked out guitar, driving rock rhythm, and hard hitting message. Track 2 “Rock Star” keeps things moving with it’s hooky rock groove, hypnotic vocals from Michalski coupled and impressive melodic ambience. Track 3 “Crazy Things You Do” keeps thing s moving with its full throttle guitar attack rock steady vibe, coupled with impressive vocals against a grand slam chorus that flows and ebbs it’s way through to emotional fruition. As the CD slowly unfolds I can hear many musical influences reminiscent of classic Todd Rundgren, Love and Rockets, Smithereens, R.E.M. Tom Petty, to The Psychedelic Furs, Iggy Pop, and The Ramones. The actual musical format is very intimate, up close: a personal snapshot of a band. The songs themselves are very naked and personal with messages revealing the highs and lows of life, love, passion and do I dare say life’s observations. Despite this Michalski is upbeat and just a blast to listen to. Overall the catalog is methodical, providing a brilliant perspective on life. Besides the 4 piece standard you will also notice brief splashes of Classic Punk, Alternative Rock to Psychadelic Rock with a UK Sounding flair. Alos present are well placed rhythm and solo guitars, Keyboards, Electric Piano, and lush harmonies layered everywhere all built upon a sonic/electronic sounding rhythmic foundation. Lyrical content is pushes hard, is extremely revealing and thought provoking. All songs cut deep to the core and its obvious Michalski is a very capable songwriter and infectious vocal performer. He has an effective visual as well. By track 4 the CD hits solid stride and finishes strong. From heartfelt “Don’t Cry” to my favorite “Hearts and Diamonds” to melodic “She’s a Girl” to heartfelt “She Makes Me Feel” to rocking You toucjed Me” this CD has something for just about everyone. The CD ends with Track 14 “Do You Love Me” the perfect finale statement for a CD of this caliber.

This is also not the best mix I’ve ever heard. At the end of the overall production value comes across as a bit dated, lacking dynamics and a modern-day flair. It takes skill and engineering savvy to record, mix, and master a musical production to industry standards these days. The impact this will have on its overall sound cannot be overstated. If this was 1980 this would be a cutting edge musical production, unfortunately its 2013, so the bar is set really high for independent artists like Michalski. It’s safe to say the catalog is a bit repetitive and dated sounding reminiscent of music popular 20+ years ago. I’m not a fan of the drum tonality – it sounds extremely synthetic, electronic overly sonic and thin.   

The strong suit of Michalski is his strong musical consistency, lyrical wisdom, Infectious vocal feel, bold passion and raw straightforwardness. Make no bones about it folks; it took raw courage and honesty to write and perform these songs. What I like most about Michalski is there is no attempt to hide how he feels, or sugarcoat the truth. I really admire artists out there who are themselves and just let the chips fall where they may. Praise goes out to the artist that has the courage to show us something real and genuine beneath their veil of vanity. Ryan Michalski is one of those artists.

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Music review 7/30/13 

Ryan Michalski is a singer, songwriter and guitarist who comes from a small town in New Jersey called Ringwood. He started playing guitar at the age of 14. Ryan always worked on his playing technique and writing skills. He grew up in the 80’s hair-metal generation developing a taste for indie-pop and alternative music. He moved to Tampa, Florida in 1996 and went to art school. He also dabbled in public access television and other projects. For the last 20 years he’s been writing, recording and releasing CD’s under alias’ such as Ryan Cosmonaught, Dead Dark Slide and Space King.

His music is a fusion of pop, rock, metal, gothic rock and everything else in between. Ryan has collaborated with many musicians from all genres and with vast musical backgrounds. Under the alias Ryan Cosmonaught project “The Ryan Cosmonaught Project” was nominated for a German Grammy (the song was titled “Rock Star”) in 2005.

Michalski has just released his 14-track album titled, “I am starting over”. This album contains everything you need to know about the band at its best. The stripped-down guitar sound, much more polished than garage rock, but just as vital and powered up, Ryan’s voice goes from sweet lullabies to raspy growls to scathing bitterness, and the evocative lyrics take the listener through every possible emotion in the length of a song.

The common denominator on these songs is their basic simplicity. A Ryan Michalski song is almost always based on just a few chords and a very strong melody. An element inherited from the great pop and rock songs of a classic era, unfortunately gone by. Musically, these are very tight songs, which speak to the heart, and credit must be given to the arrangements and production which has been able to recreate these retro rock sounds.


This album could easily have dropped out of the sunshine-pop 60’s, or psychedelic-rock 70’s era. It has such an authentic and classic retro-rock sound. Ryan Michalski’s style in places is almost an original blend of alternative rock, folk rock and southern rock.

On most songs, Michalski sings it like he means it, with conviction and soul. There are also plenty of electric guitar works on the album too. You get the feeling that Ryan Michalski wants to take the music world by storm, not with something new, but with a solid dose of the familiar, melded with an bigger dose of the band’s exuberance, chiming guitars, and rocking attitude. This is basic clean rock and roll and a great collection of musicians morphing into a great band.

Of the fourteen tracks, my favorites are without a doubt, “Rock Star” and “She’s A Girl” which reminded me of David Bowie at his best, “Don’t Cry”, “She Tell Herself”, “You Touch Me” and “You Told Me You Love Me”.

In order to get the full effect of this album and experience Ryan Michalski the songwriter, you have to listen to “I am starting over”, all the way through from beginning to end. If you are not familiar with Ryan Michalski or want to experience a close-to-perfect retro-rock sound, this is one you will want to get.

Ryan Michalski

"You Are Hard To Touch"

CD Review by Damond Jiniya

Electronic music has always played a pivotal role in the forefront of modern innovation.

When you go back and look at history, you see that synth has always been on the

frontline to most musical revolutions. Bands like Kraftwerk, Devo, Skinny Puppy, NIN

and MGMT are the first to come to mind. For over three generations synthesizers have

changed the norm and started entirely new genres. With that said, most electronic music

lends itself to artistic experimentation. Very rarely do you get radio friend pop that feeds

the masses. This is not the case on Ryan Michealski's new release: "You Are Hard To


Partly produced and recorded by internationally renowned producer, Juan "Punchy"

Gonzalez (Morbid Angel, Nile, Diet of Worms), it's clear from song one that the overall

sound is top quality. You are immediately taken in by hooks - both musically and

melodically. Ryan has a very distinctive voice. He's got a British flavor reminding me of

Pet Shop Boys meets Peter Murphy.

There are many stand-outs on this release. Heart and Diamonds has an upbeat infectious

vibe that fans of any genre would appreciate. My only issue with this album is that it's

extremely hard to get the hooks out of your head. I hate having to explain to my coworkers

why I can't stop singing Fah-Q all day at my desk.

I would recommend this release to anyone. There is a Goth flavor, electronica with hints

of grunge. You Are Hard To Touch proves that good songwriting makes genre almost

seem non-existent.

Thumbs UP!!


ryan michalski


Ryan Michalski is a singer, songwriter and guitarist who comes from a small town in New Jersey called Ringwood where he lived for 25 years. He started playing guitar at the age of 14. Ryan always worked on his playing technique and writing skills. He grew up in the 80’s hair-metal generation developing a taste for indie-pop and alternative music. He moved to Tampa, Florida in 1996 and went to art school. He also dabbled in public access television and other projects. For the last 20 years he’s been writing, recording and releasing CD’s under alias’ such as Ryan Cosmonaught, Dead Dark Slide and Space King. His music is a fusion of pop, rock, metal, gothic rock and everything else in between. However, the style of music is all his own, creating an authentic, delightful out-of-the-box sound I haven’t heard in years.
Ryan Michalski released his newest single "Ninth Moon", which is an upbeat indie-rock alternative song. The song is about daydreaming, but instead of being on 'cloud 9' you are really in your own world. The storyline is easy on this one; it’s about daydreaming being a happy place. It has a great pop rock 80’s rhythm with plenty of nostalgic appeal to it. It brings you back to those glory days. It just makes you smile from one ear to the other. This single is a fine representation as to the talents of Ryan Michalski. Ryan has collaborated with many musicians from all genres and with vast musical backgrounds. Working with talent like that allows Ryan to hone in on a unique sound that is instantly identifiable by audiences worldwide. It has also created a well rounded and versed musician.
Under the alias Ryan Cosmonaught project "The Ryan Cosmonaught Project" was nominated for a German Grammy (the song was titled "Rock Star") in 2005. This is one artist that audiences would benefit to experience live. I hear he puts on a hell of a show!



Zanger, songwriter, gitarist Ryan Michalski is afkomstig uit een onooglijk plaatsje in New Jersey dat Ringwood heet. In 1996 verkaste hij naar Tampa, Florida en de laatste twintig jaar hield hij zich bezig met songschrijven, plaatopnamen maken en cd’s uitbrengen onder pseudoniemen zoals Space King, Dead Dark Slide en vooral Ryan Cosmonaught. Onder die laatste naam was Ryan Michalski in 2005 genomineerd voor German Grammy met de single ‘Rock Star’, een nummer dat werd weerhouden voor zijn jongste worp ‘You Are Hard To Touch’.
Er zijn slechts weinig muziekgenres waaraan Ryan Michalski zich niet heeft gewaagd. Hij ging van pop over rock naar gothic rock, indie rock en alles daartussen. Een etiket op Ryan Michalski is bijgevolg schier onmogelijk.
Op het hoesje kijkt er ons een netjes afgeborstelde jongeman tegemoet en je zou niet zeggen dat die kerel zo ruig uit de boxen kan knallen.
Het stevige‘Are You Standing here’ brengt ons meteen in de juiste stemming. Ryan Michalski toont ons aan dat loeihard niet altijd het synoniem hoeft te zijn voor dom of stompzinnig en daar zijn songs als ‘Ninth Moon’ en vooral het intelligente ‘Dreams Crashing Down’ het voorbeeld van. ‘Hearts & Diamonds’ is, samen met de traag voortkabbelende titelsong, misschien de minste track op ‘You Are Hard To Touch’, maar die twee nummers zijn dan ook nog altijd van een aanvaardbaar niveau.
Soms laat Ryan Michalski horen door wie hij zoal is beïnvloed. ‘In ‘Do You Love Me’ doet hij een beetje aan The Byrds denken en in ‘She A Girl’ hoor ik in de zang zelfs een flard van The Beatles. Ook het lichtvoetige ‘She Makes Me Feel’ klinkt very sixties en voor de uitsmijter ‘You Wish’ worden de zware kanonnen nog een laatste keer in stelling gebracht.
Ryan Michalski mag dan al geen muzikaal wonder zijn, maar hij zou met ‘You Are Hard To Touch’ op geen enkele fuif misstaan.

Ryan Michalski proves on his latest release ‘You Are Hard To Touch’ that hard rocking music not always has to be stupid.

Ivan Van Belleghem (3 tot 4) 


Review 2002-2004

(12-track CD-R, DOW Studios, produced by Punchy, Ryan Michalski (vocals, guitars), Damond Jiniya (vocals, percussion), RJ (percussion), Punchy (guitars, vocals), 54:44)

Yeah, we, too, had a hard time believing that this was a Diet of Worms side project. From bright bombast of the opening track “Hearts & Diamonds,” it was obviously one of those Simple Minds/Psych Furs sorta phrases that set the mood for that unmade John Hughes movie in our mind. Then we had to look at the stats again. Is that Damond Jiniya singing, the new guy in Savatage? What’s going on here? This ain’t your mother’s Diet of Worms!! (read that back to us…). Well, if your lucky enough to score a copy of this before all the metal collectors scarf this up, you’ll find singer/guitar stroker Ryan Michalski actually fronts this loose aggregation of synth pop, techno lite, and ramshackled rock tunes patched and puttered by DoW’s Punchy. The potential clash of Michalski’s pop tendencies with Punchy’s industro-rampage never really materializes, of course, leaving this somewhere leveled between the two, sounding a little like Beck fronting a tour with Pigface. Some listeners may find this a puzzling combination, especially with a scurvy techno rhythm pounding against a choir resounding its ethereal “fxxx you” chorus during “Love You” here. A special “check this out” postnote for those folks who dug A Certain Ratio. Very scattered brilliance.

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FL 33701 - 727-895-3045

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OUTBURN #19 music Review pg94

SpaceKing - Are You Standing (RPM)
Rating:4 we have 4 of a 5 Rating
Rock Love Songs:Lead by the vision
And Voice of ryan "cosmonaught"Michalski,
SpaceKing blends punk,pop,and gothic rock
Into 12 energetic and emotional song on their
Strong debut. jeff Russell handles lead guiter,
While guests include members of Diet of Worms
And savatage.Highlights are the upbeat space anthem
Hearts & Diamonds,"the classic rock of the title track,
and the diverse and humorous "FA-q."
are you standing is dominated by song of love and romance,
Resulting in a likeble album which culminates in the dramatic ballad
"you Told me you love me"


Are You Standing

I love this disc, but if pressed about it, I don't think I'd be able to articulate exactly why. A couple of guys with plenty of local industrial/goth/darkwave credentials got together with some friends and put out a full-length CD chock full of rudimentary, guitar-driven Goth-pop. And it rules. It probably doesn't, actually; most people would probably hate it. I don't care. A lot of Are You Standing just has this intangible, earnest quality that transcends its simple execution. The killer vibe is not omnipresent -- "ICU," for instance, falls way short. But "Space," "Special," "Read My Mind" and almost everything else strongly evoke a more innocent time, when you could fall in love at Club DNA on Kill The Keg Nite while Sisters of Mercy and Bauhaus played in the background.

Well I've finished it and have yet to get a page created for the zine but here it is I still need to add pic's and website addresses if you have pix send over and if you can give me all your webaddresses and stuff too...Hope you like this..Bob

self release

Hailing from Tampa Florida Ryan Cosmonaut and the boys produce Indie Lo-Fi and Alternative Rock with style and grace.With ties to bands such as (The Genitorturers,Diet of Worms,Christian Death and Savatage) you know it's an all star lineup! The cd is equally as impressive as the members in the band.At times Ryans vocals veer from sounding like "Rob Halford/Judas Priest" to Peter Murphy/Bauhaus" to "Micheal Donelly/Translucent".
A mix of styles from over 20 years of musical influence can be found on ARE YOU STANDING and will surely knock you on your ass!

1.SPACE - A quik and dark opening to the disc maybe a "space filler"?

2.HEARTS AND DIAMONDS - Comes out with plenty of punch.One of my if not my favorite tracks off this great cd. Upbeat drum blasts, shredding guitarwork and Halford style vocals "which is a plus".

3.ARE YOU STANDING - The title cut finds itself mixed with piano melodies and acoustical elements and a mellow overall sound. No comparisons here this is the SPACEKING sound. Just great rock music with a metal and punk influence present.Incredible guitar leads and an overall kick ass track!

4.DON'T CRY - The Indie College Rock sound envelopes this great track.
The sound is full and well produced as is the rest of the disc "great job Punchy", and is a great example of the signature SpaceKing sound. Mainstream possibilities and major label backing well within SpaceKing's reach and with tracks like this it shouldn't be much longer before they are picked up by someone.

5.ICU - The Halford vocals very apparent here. A mellow track with acoustic guitars,violin and synth textures to compliment the overall sound this is acoustic excellence.

6.TELL ME - Although I'm not to crazy about the "Europe-Final Countdown" synth parts it still is an admirable track.The problem with some 80's musicians is that they tend to use something that would be better left in that era but always manages to resurface no matter who it is.

7.SPECIAL - Starts off with an almost Gothrock feel when the song starts then veers into the indie lo-fi genre.Rock music with darkwave synth lines and a touch of Gothrock in the intro.Veering from Lou Reed to Smashing Pumkins with some early 90's punk riffs.

8.Fa-Q - Chorus filled guitarwork and maybe a comical message arising here."Like the X girlfriend who has her head up her ass"? a pretty cool track with comical elements,it's always nice to see something done in fun yet maintaining itself as music with a purpose."Is that Bruce Dickenson from Iron Maiden screaming in there"?

9.READ MY MIND - Reminding me of "Jay Aston/Gene Loves Jezebel" in some of his solo work.This is a good solid track with great emotional lyrical content.Women don't seem to realize how bad they can destroy us men sometimes.But like I've said in a million reviews before this one that this is a successful mix for a great song and READ MY MIND is one of those examples of songs you and I can relate to and enjoy.

10.YOU WISH - Almost manages to pull off an Emo sound here.An upbeat punk sounding track with solid guitar,bass and drums with lead riffs from hell!
This one may even start a pit in the right enviornment.

11.BABY - An early Alternative influence shows here mixed with powerful guitar blasts and then slowing it down a touch with synthlines and punkified guitarwork.

12.PLEASE DON'T STAY - Another solid track.

13.YOU TOLD ME YOU LOVE ME - An almost Neil Young influence at work here which "is a bonified plus from this writers standpoint".A great mellow love song with a diverse sound that captures the intense feeling of a lost love.
"I love this song!"

ARE YOU STANDING is an exceptional debut release and will capture the ear of the larger label a&r's for sure! Well produced and well recorded SPACEKING are well on they're way to creating masterful Alternative Rock without sounding to mainstream but with enough qualities to be on the major music market. SPACEKING taking the Florida music circuit by storm....You can find them playing all over in the TampaBay area so catch em when you can and buy this disc or go to DEKONSTRUKTION RECORDS and grab one up you won't be disappointed.

ACyD BURN rates it 4 1/2 out of 5 stars

RIVOT RAG Magazine Volume2 Issue2